M to be related to each other. For example, if a person with ocd has obsessions (worry thoughts) about germs and about getting sick, these might be accompanied by compulsions (urges and behaviors) to wash a lot, clean things, or try not to touch things that might be germy. cheap viagra online But sometimes the compulsions don't seem to have anything to do with the fear a person is trying to banish. Someone with ocd might get the idea that if things aren't arranged just so on a desk, someone they love could get sick or die. viagra online Many times, the rituals seem odd even to the person with ocd. real viagra online prescription For this reason, many people with ocd try to hide their symptoms from others. Although people with ocd feel a brief sense of relief when they do a compulsion, the compulsions actually strengthen the ocd thoughts, encouraging them to return. The more someone does the compulsions, the stronger the illness becomes. viagra patent expirations When ocd is severe, the obsessions can be extremely distressing and rituals can take up hours of a person's day. cheap viagra But for someone with ocd, resisting the urge to do compulsions can be very difficult. safe take viagra after expiration date Continue what causes ocd? Doctors and scientists don't know exactly what causes ocd, although recent research has brought better understanding about ocd and what causes it. Before that, ocd was thought to be difficult to treat, but now it's much easier. buy viagra canada Experts believe ocd is related to levels of a normal chemical in the brain called serotonin. viagra how long before it takes effect When the flow of serotonin is blocked, the brain's "alarm system" overreacts and misinterprets information. "false alarms" mistakenly trigger danger messages. viagra no prescription Instead of the brain filtering out these unnecessary thoughts, the mind dwells on them — and the person experiences unrealistic fear and doubt. Also, imaging studies of the brain have shown that people with ocd have different patterns of brain activity than people without ocd. india generic viagra online pharmacy Evidence is strong that ocd tends to run in families. Many people with ocd have one or more family members who also have it or other anxiety disorders influenced by the brain's serotonin levels. viagra 20mg vs viagra 100mg Because of this, scientists have come to believe that the tendency (or predisposition) for someone to develop the serotonin imbala.

Early in my painting career, when I felt that if the finished painting was beautiful and special to me, then I succeeded no matter how difficult the journey might have been. As I learn more about the process of painting, I'm finding the process has its own beauty.... that of becoming, so that painting itself can be seen as a metaphor for what is best about life.

Tony Chimento

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