E nerves in the arm. These tests are used to find out if the nerves between the neck and hand are being pinched. viagra without prescription To confirm the diagnosis, doctors may do special tests of the blood vessels that run along the nerves. These tests are frequently negative, but it is important that your doctor rule out other causes of your pain. Treatment what treatment options are available? Nonsurgical treatment doctors begin treating your pain conservatively, without surgery or other invasive procedures. is viagra good after expiration date Your doctor can prescribe some types of medicine to ease your discomfort. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), such as aspirin and ibuprofen, can relieve pain and inflammation, and muscle relaxants can relieve muscle spasm. Some patients who experience chronic pain, such as the pain of tos, end up battling depression. In these cases, anti-depressants can be very helpful. Your doctor may recommend some simple ways to help you combat tos. For example, decrease the tension of the shoulder strap of your seat belt. Take rest periods to avoid fatigue. Overweight patients should seek help with weight loss, and women with especially large breasts may benefit from using a strapless long-line bra. brand viagra online pharmacy Avoid heavy lifting, pulling, or pushing. Rapid breathing and stress can worsen symptoms. buy viagra from canada Avoid looking up, bending the neck back, or holding your arms up for long periods of time. viagra coupon And don't carry a purse or bag on the affected shoulder. Your doctor may start you on some basic exercises. If you have done them for some time and your symptoms aren't getting much better, you may need to work with a physical or occupational therapist. generic viagra without prescription In most cases therapy can be very effective. However, therapy may not help much if your symptoms are so severe that the muscles of the hand or forearm have atrophied (shrunk). Surgery surgery for tos is usually a last resort. buy cheap viagra The surgery is directed at removing the source of compression on the nerves of the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is the network of nerves that go to the hand and forearm. If there is an extra rib, it is usually removed. Otherwise, surgery consists of simply releasing the constricting elements and scar tissue around the nerves. viagra women sale Surgery is usually done through an incision under the arm. The surgery will require a general anesthetic, which will put you to sleep. viagra cheap india You will probably need to spend at least one night in the hospital. Rehabilitation what can i expect after treatment? Nonsurgical rehabilitation if you are getting nonsurgical treatments, a home exercise program is essential to the treatment of tos. This is true even if the cause of your tos is an abnormality in the bones and muscles. You must consistently do your exercises to get the most benefit. Usually a physical or occupational therapist will direct your exercise program.

Early in my painting career, when I felt that if the finished painting was beautiful and special to me, then I succeeded no matter how difficult the journey might have been. As I learn more about the process of painting, I'm finding the process has its own beauty.... that of becoming, so that painting itself can be seen as a metaphor for what is best about life.

Tony Chimento

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