Eral anesthesia will be used. 40 mg viagra side effects It will block any pain and keep you asleep through the surgery. It is given through an iv in your hand or arm. buy viagra Description of the procedure for a single lung transplant, the doctor will make an incision on your side. viagra 20 mg o viagra It will be about six inches below your underarm. For a double lung transplant, the doctor will make an incision across the lower chest. You will be put on a ventilator and a heart-lung machine. This machine will take over the functions of the heart and lungs during surgery. generic viagra online Next, the doctor will remove a small section of rib. viagra for sale This will allow access to your lung. The old lung will be cut away from the main blood vessel and bronchus (large airway). cheap viagra online The new lung will then be inserted. The doctor will attach the blood vessels and bronchus to the new lung. buy cheap viagra Immediately after procedure you will stay in the intensive care unit (icu) for 2-3 days. The doctors and nurses will monitor you. How long will it take? viagra 20 mg o viagra 4-8 hours for a single lung transplant 6-12 hours for a double lung transplant how much will it hurt? cheap generic viagra You will have pain during the recovery process. Your doctor will give you pain medicine. female viagra side effects Average hospital stay this surgery is done in a hospital setting. Use viagra side effect viagra The usual length of stay is 7-10 days. generic viagra sold in canada Your doctor may choose to keep you longer if you shows signs of rejecting the new lungs or have other problems. Post-procedure care for the rest of your life, do the following to maintain the health of your new lung or lungs: take immunosuppressive drugs. safest site buy viagra These drugs will help to prevent your body from rejecting the new lung. Viagra gel online uk Only take drugs approved by your doctor. viagra 20 mg o viagra Have regular lung biopsies. A sample of lung tissue will be taken at regular intervals to check for lung rejection: every three months the first year twice a year the second year once a year in subsequent years have blood tests done. cheap viagra online canada pharmacy Measure your temperature, weight, and blood pressure levels regularly. viagra online Make lifestyle changes, such as: avoiding exposure to tobacco smoke and other toxic elements exercising regularly to help maintain lung capacity limiting your intake of salt, foods high in fat and cholesterol, sweets, and alcohol it will take about six months to recover from a lung transplant. Call your doctor after you leave the hospital, contact your doctor if any of the following occurs: signs of infection, including fever and chills—you are at an increased risk for infection because of the immunosuppressive drugs. generic viagra Redness, swelling, increasing pain, excessive bleeding, or discharge from the incision site cough, s. viagra lilly wirkung Generic viagra legal uk IrisAtSunrise

Early in my painting career, when I felt that if the finished painting was beautiful and special to me, then I succeeded no matter how difficult the journey might have been. As I learn more about the process of painting, I'm finding the process has its own beauty.... that of becoming, so that painting itself can be seen as a metaphor for what is best about life.

Tony Chimento

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